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Why Us?

We understand Real Estate and Solve. My name is Daniel Baber and I have been a full time REALTOR since 2004. I currently own and operate a Real Estate Firm in Southwest FL and understand the real estate sales and property management business extremely well and use Solve CRM on a daily basis. After over 10 years I have realized my heart has always loved the technology and marketing part of real estate and owning a business. With my passion for Google, Solve and all the integrated products you will not find a better IT company to help you get up and running with the Solve platform.

Manage your business. Keep in touch. Sell, Rent, and Manage more properties while we Manage Your CRM integrations.

We can: Map your business process to Solve, so you know you’re using it correctly. Configure and implement Solve, so you’re setup by the best. Provide custom Solve development, including webforms and integrations with other systems. Provide support and training to all your Solve users.

Google Apps Seamless Inegration

More useful Google Apps integration than anyone. The ideal CRM for realty teams - Access Solve inside Gmail and link emails - Two-way contact, calendar and email sync - Add-ons for Sheet reports and Doc mail merge

Web Forms

We can turn website visitors into leads in your CRM with custom Wufoo web forms. When someone lands on your website and fills out your Wufoo form, their information will go directly into Solve. Tags get applied, the right person gets assigned and if you like, an activity template gets automatically inserted scheduling a welcome email and an initial call. 

Custom Fields

We can create fields & tags for buyers, sellers, landlords, investors and categorize them as Leads, Clients, Dead Deals, etc. Imagine tagging a buyer or seller and having related, useful specific fields for each type automatically added to the page. With Solve we can customize it to work for your business, and use the terms your company is already familiar with when dealing with leads and clients.

Responsive CRM Design

Follow-up with new leads immediately and keep in touch with clients and coworkers while away from the office. Real estate is a speed game, priorities are always changing. Solve mobile helps you adapt your schedule while on the go.

New Listing Action Plans

We can set up Activity Templates so each time you get a new listing a group of Activities will go into play to make sure things get done. If you are the Broker or Manager you can keep track of your team to make sure all steps needed are completed. 

Workgroups aka Teams

Sharing client and property information amongst your team outfits each user with the knowledge needed to make quicker, more informed decisions, while noticing new opportunities. Solve workgroups offer you complete control over how your CRM data is shared, and who has access to what. More …

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